Sensitive Teeth

Seal and Protect Your Exposed Tooth Roots

If you have sensitive teeth, you’ve probably experienced discomfort with foods and drinks that are extremely hot or cold. There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity which include receding gums. Now there’s a treatment for that!

What is Seal and Protect?

Seal and Protect is a desensitizing application for the surfaces of exposed dentin in patients who have receding gums.

Why should you choose Seal and Protect?

Seal and Protect helps with tooth sensitivity and protects the root surface from possible cavities. When the root surface is exposed from gum recession these areas become very prone to tooth decay and sensitivity to hot, cold and even brushing.

What is the application process?

The application is easy! We will use gauze to wipe off the root surface, apply the liquid to the exposed root surface for 20 seconds, and then use a curing light for a few seconds to help it adhere. Most patients get two coats of the protective liquid. The liquid is clear, and your roots will look as they did before.

How long does it last?

The Seal and Protect treatment lasts 6-24 months. If you choose to have it done protectively (instead of on areas that have become problematic), we recommend redoing it every two years. In patients who grind and clench aggressively, it could wear off faster, and those who are sensitive may notice when it starts to wear off.