McNeil Dental Membership

At McNeil Dental we understand the financial burden of not having dental insurance.   We are proud to announce that we are making dentistry more affordable to our patients!  We are now offering 12-month dental memberships to assist our uninsured patients with out-of-pocket expenses.

Membership Benefits:

Membership includes the following services:

  • 2 Examinations
  • X-rays ( 4 bitewings and 2 periapicals once every 12 months)
  • 2 Dental cleanings
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • 20% discount on all dental services (excluding cosmetic services) when using cash or check.
  • 15% discount when using debit or credit card
  • Copays must be paid the day of service to receive membership pricing

Membership Cost:

  • Member $299 per year
  • Each additional family member $249
  • Additional plans available for patients with gum disease

Sample savings

Service Average Fee Membership Fee
2 Surface White Filling $232 $185.60
Root Canal $998 $798.40
Porcelain Crown $1059 $847.20


Ready to get started?

Complete the form linked below and mail to 1330 Freeport Rd Fox Chapel, PA 15238 or call 412.963.8630 for more details.